Charleston Music Confab Showcase Night 3

SS Productions Presents:

Charleston Music Confab Showcase Night 3

Benjamin Starr, Fat Rat Da Czar, Scooda Sease, H3RO

Sat · September 2, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$12 - Advance | $15 - Day of Show

Charleston Music Confab Showcase Night 3
In its first two years, the New Music Confab brought hundreds of artists together with music industry professionals from around the country: managers, agents, promoters, radio and record label executives, sound and video producers, social media professionals and more. The conference offered attendees the opportunity to network and learn from each other, in an amazing city – Charleston, SC.

In 2017, The New Music Confab is re-branded the Charleston Music Confab, as a way to highlight our amazing host city (named for the fourth consecutive year as the country’s #1 Travel Destination by readers of Travel + Leisure Magazine)!

While our name is changing, our mission remains the same: Charleston Music Confab connects the artists with the music industry, giving all the chance to discuss, develop, and discover mutually beneficial opportunities.

By day, more than 50 Music Industry professionals will be giving you invaluable insight into the “business” and answering your questions during 10 New Music Confab Panel discussions.

And by night, artists perform at 3 of Charleston’s most popular music venues, Charleston Music Hall, Music Farm, and The Royal American.

Charleston Music Confab: Where “The Music” Meets “The Business.”
Benjamin Starr
Benjamin Starr
By way of his lowcountry Pineville, South Carolina origins, Benjamin Starr weaves an array of emotions, visions and experiences, into powerful, poetic, visual music. Honing his storytelling ability, and evoking the imagery of the trials he’s faced, he has become one of the most acclaimed Hip-Hop artists in South Carolina.

Influenced by the likes of Tupac, Nas, Scarface, Marvin Gaye and David Ruffin, his soulful Hip-Hop creations – from his 2010 debut The Experience through 2015’s Free Lunch – have gone on to garner an avid, and loyal, fan base throughout the Southeast.

The depth of Benjamin’s art has allowed him to grace varied stages ranging from the A3C Hip-Hop Festival, TedXTalks, Piccolo Spoleto and more. Never shying away from social commentary, he uses his musical platform to speak to many of the injustices ever-present in many communities, across America today.

In 2016, joining forces with singer Mckenzie Eddy, producer/arranger Elliott Smith, drummer Quentin Ravenel & guitarist James Chaote, to make up the atmospheric Hip-Hop/R&B sounds of the Very Hypnotic Soul Band, they released their debut #16EP. Always creating, Benjamin Starr is poised to release his latest solo album After Lunch: The Revival, in early 2017.

Read a great article about Benjamin Starr here:
Fat Rat Da Czar
Fat Rat Da Czar
American hip hop musician and engineer based in Hopkins, South Carolina.
Scooda Sease
Scooda Sease
Born Ronnie Marvin Sease, on August 22, 1989, in Charleston, SC. Better known by his stage name, Scooda Sease. The oldest of 5 children. He’s the grandson of the Late, Great Blues singer Marvin Sease, who is known for his big hits such as, Ghetto Man, Candy Licker, Please Take Me, Stuck In The Middle and much, much more.

Scooda graduated from Summerville High School in 2008. Scooda joined the United States Army in 2009 and spent 1 year in Afghanistan in combat in 2011. Early 2009, Scooda found out he had the gift and skills of song writing and production. Currently independent on his own label, Sease Fire Productions, Scooda writes, produce, records, mix and masters all of his music himself. Scooda has released 4 mixtapes. His latest mixtape, Reality Volume 2 has been the most successful this far.

Scooda has been nominated and won many awards from SCMA, Geechie One, CEMG, Independent Tone Awards, SCUMA (South Carolina Underground Music Awards) and many more. Most recent awards 2017- Male Artist of Year, Performer of the Year, Music Video of the Year (Twerk). Scooda has traveled, and currently doings shows throughout the south. Scooda is known for his best singles, “1 Night Stand”, “Twerk”, “On Rite Now", “Fingers Itchin’” and "Chaser". Scooda’s music can be found everywhere @scoodasease on ITunes, YouTube, DatPiff, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
A real lyricist by definition, H3RO's verses touch on both personal and political matters facing him and today's generation. He describes himself as a genuine artist who is creative, real, inspirational and yes, SUPER! Others often describe his music as an ingenious melting pot of genres, which comes as no surprise since H3RO notes some of his favorite artist as being the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Linkin Park, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Royce Da 5'9, Brand New and J. Cole. Just to name a few. This same variety also presents itself in his cross genre music, where he often successfully blends hip-hop and alternative. Maybe this is also how the H3RO Nation, composed of fans and supporters who are just as diverse as H3RO's music, have opened up the opportunity for different performance venues for the 21-year-old music artist. Either way, when listeners press play on a H3RO track for the first time, there's usually more than one topic up for discussion.

If we're discussing the amazing beats H3RO selects from both local and international producers, then there's no wonder he catches the ear of the audience. However, if we're discussing the heart of H3RO, we're discussing his lyrics. Lyrics that are not only relatable but are very intricate and metaphoric that at the end of a verse he can come off as downright diabolical. And that's his goal. Lyrics aren't just slapped onto the beat to carry the song along, a fact about H3RO's music that many of his fans and supporters appreciate.

But all of these attributes didn't come to the artist overnight. H3RO shares with his listeners that it was through a period of solitude that he came to build his long lasting relationship with music:

"There was a period of time I didn't have any friends. That's when I turned to music...and no it didn't fill the void honestly, but it did help me to better understand myself and my emotions as I was growing up. And it helped me gain friends that liked the same music I liked!"

Since first discovering his passion for music, H3RO has gone on to release 14 mixtapes with his latest released on Christmas of 2012 titled No Capes.
His highly anticipated debut album SuperH3RO is currently in the making.

And in case you're wondering what his favorite tracks are, he notes his top five as follows: 5) Darkness Falls ft. Trell B, 4) Hunger, 3) Stay w/ Me featuring CrimsonMuzik, a remix of the original version by Nas and 2) Somebody's Gotta Play the Villain, a collaboration between him and Lite Gray who make up the dynamic duo YouN JustUs. As far as his overall favorite track, H3RO notes 1)The Force. He explains,"It was my first track I rapped and walked out of the booth thinking damn, I can actually do this..." He adds, "Really, I love the entire Cold Summer Mixtape and I'll tell you that's my favorite, but what I'm working on now might actually top it." Well, there's certainly more to come from this rising artist as the H3RO Nation continues to grow with each bar. And although it's clear to see his talent and growth, the young music artist expresses that he is no where near his peak thus he plans to stay vigilant in further improving his craft. And since the villains never sleep, this H3RO is wide awake!
Venue Information:
Charleston Music Hall
37 John Street
Charleston, South Carolina, 29403