Tech Specs

Technical Specifications of Charleston Music Hall

Seating Capacity: 936 (Floor 606 / Balcony 330)


(1) Soundcraft Expression SI 3 Digital

Full Clair Bros. Audio Stereo Rig
Left and Right Cluster with 3 Cabinets per Side (R3T)
(2) Dual 18 JBL Subs flown above the Cabinets
(2) Dual 18 JBL Subs on the floor stage right and left
(5) JBL AC16 6.5″ Ultra Compact Two-Way Full Range Loudspeaker on front of stage
3 Zones of Under Balcony Custom Clair Bros. Fills
Balcony Fills and Proscenium Fills – Clair Bros. (R2D)

(8) JBL 802 Passive
(4) Clair Brothers 12AM Bi-Amped (2 mixes)
(2) Clair Brothers R2d Side Fill Monitors Passive

MIC Package:
Shure SM-58 Vocal Mic – (6)
Shure SM-57 Mic – (2)
Seinheisser Wireless Vocal Mic – (2)
Shure Wireless Mic with Lav Pack – (2)
Seinheisser E609 Guitar Mic – (4)
Seinheisser E604 Drum Mic – (6)
Seinheisser E602 Kick Drum Mic – (2)
Seinheisser E614 Condensor Mic – (4)
Radial Passive Direct Box – (8)
K&M Tall Boom Tripod Mic Stand – (10)
K&M Short Boom Tripod Mic Stand – (6)
K&M Table Top Mic Stand – (4)
Whirlwind MK425 Premium 25’ Mic Cable – (40)



SPOTLIGHTS– 2 Clay Paky Spots 1200 Watt

FOH CATWALK – 19 Source 4 fixtures on the catwalk enough to do a two color full wash of the stage. Most have been converted to the 750-Watt lamp. Most are 19 degree with a couple 26 degree

BALCONY RAIL: 24 par 64s (12 each side) with 500 watt lamps and 2 Pars per Color. Colors: Red, Blue, Magenta, Lav and Green

PROSCENIUM WALL – 15 – 6” Fresnels (8 per side) 2 Fixtures per Color in the following Colors: Red, Blue, Magenta & Green

1st ELECTRIC – 2 sets of 4 ACL par 64s (1 set per side), 6 source 4 fixtures Misc. sizes, 6 par 64 1K wide lamps

2nd ELECTRIC – 2 sets of 4 ACL par 64s (1 set per side) on the outsides with 1 set of 8 par 64s ACL fan in the center of the truss. In addition there are 4 par 64s with 500 watt narrow lamps in the following colors: Red, Blue, Magenta, Lav, Green & Yellow

3rd ELECTRIC – 2 sets of 4 ACL par 64s (1 set per side). In addition there are 4 par 64s with 500 watt narrow lamps in the following colors: Red, Blue, Magenta, Lav, Green & Yellow

2nd and 3rd Electric Dead Hung so refocus is not an option.

The rig is not dimmer per circuit and most dimmers have 4 fixtures patched to them.

If any questions please call Dany Kapp 407-256-3142


Stage Width from side curtains
2nd Leg – 36′
3rd Leg  – 31′
Stage Depth from Front Thrust to back wall – 34′ 8″
Stage Depth from Front Thrust to back curtain – 33′ 3″
Front Thrust to main curtain – 11′ 10″
Proscenium Opening Width – 40′ 1″
Proscenium Opening Height – 20′ 1″
Proscenium to back curtain  – 23′

Electrics – all dead hung
Front Thrust to 1st Electric – 13′ 10″
Front Thrust to 2nd Electric  – 24′
Front Thrust to 3rd Electric  – 30′ 3″

Electric Baton – all batons are single pipe moved electronically fastest speed being about 22 seconds to fly in or out.  Weight restrictions 600 lbs. per baton.

Front Thrust to 1st Baton – 17′ 8″
Front Thrust to 2nd Baton – 19′ 5″

Teasers – all dead hung

Front Thrust to 1st Teaser  – 15′ 10″
Front Thrust to 2nd Teaser –  24′ 10″

4 Sets of Black legs per side – all dead hung

HOUSE CURTAIN IS MOTORIZED– It can be operated from Stage Left. It is a black guillotine.


GENIE LIFT – One 36’ genie lift.

FIBER OPTIC CURTAIN – One full stage black fiber optic curtain.

PROJECTOR – One Hitachi-CP X8150, 6,000 Lumens

(1) Motorized Daylight Video Screens Mounted on Proscenium (20 ‘ x 16‘)
(1) Full Sized Movie Screen Hung behind 2nd Electric (40’ x 18’)

Backstage Facilities:
(3) Dressing Rooms with Full Bath and Showers
(1) Green Room – 2nd Floor Backstage

On Stage Power:
(1) 60 Amp 3 Phase
(1) 400 AMP 3 Phase

The Charleston Music Hall is NOT a Union House.

LOADING DOCK: No Loading Dock. There is a ramp on the side of the building that goes to the stage.

The Charleston Music Hall does NOT have an elevator.

TRUCK & BUS PARKING: The Venue has no bus or truck parking in front of the venue. Trucks or buses can unload in front of the Hampton Inn next to the Music Hall or in front of the Music Hall. Smaller vehicles (vans / trailers) can unload beside the Music Hall. Buses park on Anne Street. Trucks park in a lot on the corner of King St. and Spring St. Smaller vehicles park in the garage next to the Hall.

To view the Music Hall’s floor layout, please click below:

Floor 1 Layout

Floor 2 Layout