Crowfield’s Goodbye, Goodnight, So Long show was nothing short of amazing. On Friday, March 15th, the local Charleston five-man band got up on stage to perform their last concert as a group. After six successful years together, Tyler Mechem (guitar/vocals) Parker Gins (drums/vocals), Ben Meyer (bass/vocals), Whitt Algar (keys/vocals), and Ryan Holderfield (guitar/vocals) collectively decided that it was time to part ways and move on to other interests. Everyone in the theater that night could tell they didn’t want to leave. 

The evening began with a song writer in the round pre-show that included Luke Cunningham, John Wesley Satterfield and Ryan Bonner-some of Crowfield’s closest friends. An hour later, Crowfield took the stage and their fans went wild. Lead singer, Mechem, could hardly believe the love that the audience was giving them from start to finish. With each song (there were 28 of them!), everyone in the crowd belted out the lyrics to their Southern Rock/Americana tunes as if they were the ones telling the story. Every now and then someone would yell out “Don’t break up Crowfield!”, showing the band how much they are truly appreciated in the Lowcountry scene. In between the songs, Mechem made sure to give his thanks as well.

As the night went on, Crowfield brought out surprise guest performers who have played with them in the past, such as various guitarists, a section of horn players and standup bassist, Jonathan Gray. Their first set was made up of older material, which was not any less known than the more recent songs that were played after intermission. With the set break, it seemed like the crowd got even more energetic and sentimental for the second half of the show. Which, of course, made it harder for Crowfield to leave the stage.

The decision to break-up certainly could not have been easy for the band. But they now know that at least the 800+ people that filled the Charleston Music Hall will always remember them for the way they shared their stories. Crowfield has permanently left their mark on Charleston by the lives they touched through their music. They have left a legacy that no one will forget.
– Sarah Roza, CMH Intern