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DOORS: 5:00PM / SHOW: 6:00PM

$30 ADV | $35 DOS


Rat King:

If you are a human on earth (of any age), chances are you’ve seen some version of a Nutcracker Story. Now, I don’t know about you, but I wanna know where the HECK the EPIC RAT KING came from and why he only got one scene? He’s BY FAR the most interesting character. And in case you haven’t noticed, at Dance Lab, rats are kinda “our thing”.

Enter plot twist…

Dance Lab’s RAT KING (The Untold & Twisted TAIL of a Nutcracker Christmas) is an original concept that zooms into the life of the Rat King. He has a family with wants and needs (just like you and me), and he’s just trying to give his kids a memorable Christmas. Unfortunately for all parties involved, when looking for a venue to host his epic rat family party, The Rat King unknowingly inhabits the walls of a well-to-do Human Family for this joyous occasion. Clara’s family, that is. Clara and that pesky brother of hers, Fritz.

When the human and rat Christmas festivities inevitably collide, and Clara meets her rat counterpart TARA (“a rat” spelled backwards), all chaos breaks loose. In desperate attempts to rid their mansion of these brilliant creatures, Clara’s family enlist help from the ALL POWERFUL NUTCRACKER, and when his gallant approach isn’t cutting it, Clara must call in the Extermination experts.

Will the humans succeed in ridding their mansion of these misunderstood creatures, or will their efforts prove futile only fueling the fire for the RATS to take back their Christmas the only way they know how…

Join the Dance Lab Empowered Company youth dancers and the Lab Underground Adult movers through a fever dream of a RAT INSPIRED FANTASY WORLD and spark a new tradition for your Holiday!

Move over Sugar Plum Fairy, the rats have images of SWISS CHEESE dancing in their heads.

Venue Information
Charleston Music Hall
37 John Street
Charleston, South Carolina, 29403