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Dance Lab Youth Program Presents:

THE WORLD ABOVE: A Mermaid’s Story

Starring the Dance Lab Youth Program

DOORS: 3:30PM / SHOW: 4:30PM



– Reduced capacity and implemented social distancing
– Face masks are required at all times
– Seating is pre-assigned and sold in groups of 2s

The Dance Lab youth program will be making a SPLASH this May when we proudly present our 2021 Youth Spring Concert….


A Mermaid’s Story


Although the creatures of the ocean and humans of the land have historically been at odds, Ariel, the Mermaid Princess of the Seas, has always desired to be a part of The World Above. When she learns of a magic shell that has the power to transform her into a human, she seeks out the shell, with the help of her best underwater friends.  Meanwhile, the infamous Sea Witch and her forces work to prevent Ariel from using the magic shell, ultimately bonding the creatures of the Seas and Lands! Ariel’s journey in learning what it means to be human is full of magnificent creatures, beautiful friendships and surprising discoveries. 

The Dance Lab Youth Program is excited to take you on a voyage under the sea and over the lands to THE WORLD ABOVE on Sunday May 23rd at The Charleston Music Hall. 

COVID Guidelines:

Venue Information
Charleston Music Hall
37 John Street
Charleston, South Carolina, 29403