Fall Film Series Comes to An End

IMG_2813With the cooling of Summer comes the fall of the leaves and crisp autumn mornings.  When it gets colder (though let’s be honest in Charleston this is a joke) we often times want to take walks through the parks and then get cozy on the couch.  The Charleston Music Hall thought we should offer a space to allow the “cozification” process to happen, and thus the Fall Film Series was born.

 Peninsular Charleston lacks a movie theater and with a vibrant art scene there was a void that needed filling.  We decided to utilize “Lebowski Fest” as the launch pad and continue throughout the end of summer and into fall with a slate of movies hand-picked for the Charleston Music Hall space.  Our sound system is unparalleled downtown so we had exciting music documentaries like “Stop Making Sense” and partnered with The Faculty Lounge for a Talking Heads After Party in which a DJ played Talking Heads remixes.  For the families we did Fantastic Mr. Fox, for the thrill seekers, Pulp Fiction, and for the lovers, Princess Bride.
When the leaves start to disintegrate and the air gets event colder (again, go with me here)  it is time to put on another layer and shed the distant memories of summer to get ready for the chill of winter.  The Fall Film Series at the Charleston Music Hall was a great success and has given us great insight into how to make it even better next year.  We are happy to announce that the Charleston Music Hall will start back up with movies in January.  Thank you to everyone that came to the movies and we cannot wait to see you all next go round!
Bennett Jones, CMH