The Charleston Music Hall is excited to announce private micro-rentals! Rules change, restrictions happen, but life goes on. We have created fun and engaging ways to entertain you and your friends in a safe environment. See below for our private micro-rental packages.

  • Pick your favorite movie and watch it on our big screen.
  • Be wowed by a night of magic with Holy City Magic.
  • Laugh until you forget COVID exists with our CMH Improv Comedy Team.
  • Game until your fingers fall off with our Video Game night.
  • Make fun of your co-workers and friends as they try and sing Queen in our Karaoke Night.
  • Feel fab with our Drag Night.
  • Sing along to your favorite songs with our Live Concert Night.

Have a different event that you have always dreamed of hosting? – we are happy to make your dreams come true!

We have all new COVID Guidelines in place to make your event a safe environment to hang with your family, colleagues, and community.

Step 1: Fill out this form: Rental Form or email charles@charlestonmusichall.com. We’ll be in touch with pricing information and details.

Step 2: Pick your event option and set your show time.

Step 3: Invite your friends and family.

Step 4: Pick your concessions packages. Popcorn, candy, soda, water, beer, & wine available!

Step 5: Show up and have fun!

Option 1
Movie Night
Screen your favorite films on our 30 x 40 foot movie screen for a fantastic cinematic experience.

Option 2
Game Night
Want to hold a Mortal Kombat Tournament? Race your friends in Mario Kart? There is also an option to be led in a night of games with our gameshow host!

Option 3
Improv Comedy Night
Come see live improv comedy presented by 4 of Charleston’s funniest comics in this live 90 minute show.

Option 4
A Night of Magic!
Be wowed in disbelief by Holy City Magic. An original and mind-bending magic show. 60 – 90 minute show.

Option 5
Big Screen Karaoke Night
Be the star you always knew you could be and sing karaoke on the big stage with the big screen!

Option 6
Drag Night
“Cover girl, put the bass in your walk!” Create a fabulous night with a live drag show with 3 of Charleston’s best queens! 60 minute show

Option 7
Live Music Night
$1,500 (varies based on music preference)
Choose your favorite artist or genre and come get your socks blown off by our amazing house band! Want to rock out to The Rolling Stones. Jam with the Grateful Dead, or re-live the 80s! We have a band for you.

Option 8
Build Your Own Night
Pricing varies on desires
Have your own ideas for a fun night out? Let us know what you want to do, and we will help build your dream night.

Check and credit card accepted for payment. Full payment required prior to event.

Email Charles@charlestonmusichall.com to book today!