The Summer Harvest: A Weekend Celebration of Local Art and Music


The Summer Harvest

A Weekend Celebration of Local Art & Music

3 Nights. 3 Releases. 3 Local Initiatives.

August 14th – 16th

The Charleston Music Hall

Doors: 7:00 PM | Shows Start: 8:00 PM

3 Day Weekend Pass – $25 – Ticket Link
2 Day Music Pass – $20 – Ticket Link
Poetry Pass and Michael Flynn Release – $15 – Ticket Link
Poetry Pass and The Tarlatans Release – $15 – Ticket Link
Word Perfect Poetry Show – $5 ADV / $10 DOS – Ticket Link
Michael Flynn’s Album Release – $10 ADV / $15 DOS – Ticket Link
The Tarlatan’s Album Release – $10 ADV / $15 DOS – Ticket Link


(Charleston, SC – 7.10.14) – The Charleston Music Hall is celebrating the fruits of our local artist’s and musician’s labor over the last year by presenting a weekend of Album Release Shows August 14th – 16th along with a collection of local visual artists who will hang their work in our upstairs foyer.  We continually scratch our heads and wonder, “Why is there no music festival in downtown Charleston?”  Well, we want to start one, and we think this weekend could turn into an amazing annual event.  Rather than trying to transplant an entire tree into the city at once (yes I am using a farming metaphor, it is The Summer Harvest Festival after all), we want to start out with a small seed that will grow into a strong adult with healthy roots.  Of course, one must remember that the size of the seed does not diminish its power.  We present to you three very powerful nights of local art and music.  August 14th will celebrate Marcus Amaker and Quentin Baxter’s new album “A New Foundation” with 15 additional local poets sharing the stage for a night of spoken word.  August 15th will celebrate Michael Flynn’s first solo album release since Slow Runner parted ways last fall, “Face in the Cloud,” with support from the belle of the ball, Grace Joyner, and the beautiful and extremely talented Johnny Delaware.  August 16th will celebrate The Tarlatan’s new album, “Good Luck,” with support from the man himself, Steven Fiore, and the newcomers on the scene, Volcanoes in the Kitchen.


Word Perfect Poetry Show: Marcus Amaker and Quentin Baxter Release “A New Foundation”
Thursday, August 14, 2014
Doors: 7PM | Show: 8PM
$5 ADV | $10 DOS
Charleston Music Hall

The Charleston Music Hall is thrilled to present our first poetry show with some of the best poets in the Lowcountry on August 14th. The Word Perfect Poetry Show will be hosted by Marcus Amaker, who returns to the Music Hall stage after last year’s Pecha Kucha 20 presentation.  Joining Amaker will be poets Courtnay The Poet, Matthew Foley, Derek Berry, Carlos Johnson, Joey Tucker, Nick Jenkins and Sara Peck,  and Laura Cailtin Cox.  (More poets TBA)  The Charleston poetry scene has certainly grown over the last few years with poetry slams and weekly readings being held through out the city.  Monday Night Blues, Blue Bicycle Books, and many more organizations have helped grow this scene, and we are excited to present but a small contribution to the many poets and writers in Charleston. Word Perfect will also feature musician / jazz drummer Quentin E. Baxter who will perform with Amaker.  What makes this evening even more rad is that it celebrates the release of a collaborative album between Amaker and Baxter titled “A New Foundation.”  You might find yourself wanting to stand, clap, and dance rather than just snap at this show.

Marcus Amaker
Marcus Amaker has published five books of poetry. His latest book, “the spoken word,” is a compilation of his best work from the last ten years. Marcus is also a web designer, graphic designer, videographer and musician. He started a design business in 2011 after 12 years in journalism – including a stint as the editor of the Post and Courier’s Charleston Scene entertainment section. As a designer, he’s created logos, websites and videos for many local organizations and entrepreneurs. As a poet, he’s toured the country and performed for national TV. Find his work on his website,

Quentin Baxter
For a jazz musician, Quentin Baxter could not have been born at a better time or in a better place. All the styles of this great American art form we enjoy today had made their marks, putting jazz on the way to becoming American classical music, a journey that would take only 25 years more. By the summer of 1970 when he touched down in Charleston, South Carolina, the first 75 years of jazz saw blues, ragtime, swing, bop, free jazz and fusion become the pulse and face of American culture.  On Aug. 28 of 1971, in walked Baxter, destined at birth, it seems, to be a percussionist. Baxter comes from a family of drummers. Both his mother and father played drums in church, as well as his three brothers. “I’ve been playing percussion instruments in church for as long as I can remember,” he said. “As a matter of fact, I don’t remember not playing some type of percussion instrument!”  If you want to read one of the most elegant bios ever written, CLICK HERE.


 Michael Flynn’s Album Release with Grace Joyner and Johnny Delaware
Friday, August 15, 2014
Doors: 7PM | Show: 8PM
$10 ADV | $15 DOS
Charleston Music Hall

The Charleston Music Hall is proud to present Michael Flynn’s Album Release show on August 15th with Grace Joyner and Johnny Delaware.  A show we like to call the ultimate Hearts & Plugs triptych / triumvirate.  Coming off the rip-roaring success of the Hearts & Plugs Summer Shindig, which showcased many of the best local talents at King Dusko, we are excited to house Hearts & Plugs’ recent signee Michael Flynn.  Flynn, as of now, is best known for his work in local pop-piece Slow Runner, but after hearing some of the tracks from his debut, we think his particular brand of “dad-rock” will carve him out a place all his own in the local and national scene. Slow Runner’s accolades are numerous: support for Josh Ritter, Built to Spill, and The Avett Brothers, as well as songs in Greys Anatomy and One Tree Hill.  So basically, do you binge-watch Netflix shows from the early two-thousands? If so, you have heard Michael Flynn, and as Huffington Post pointed, his music “makes you summon that Shazam app on your iphone and ask, ‘Who is that?”  Put away your phones and come check out the real deal.

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn is a Charleston-based singer/songwriter/falconer who for the last decade has been one half of the band Slow Runner. His songs have been featured on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Shameless, and on commercials for useful products like cars and shampoo. He’s also won a few awards for songwriting, including 1st runner up for the John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship in 2001.  Slow Runner has released 4 full length albums, an EP, and several singles. They spent some time on one of SonyBMG’s labels and have toured internationally with acts like Josh Ritter, Built to Spill, The Avett Brothers, William Fitzsimmons, and many others. This year marks Michael’s first release as a solo artist with ‘Face in the Cloud’. He tries to make electronic music that has an organic heart, and sometimes it works. Sometimes it’s a total train wreck.

Grace Joyner

From the background to the foreground, Grace Joyner first made her way onto the Charleston, South Carolina music scene as a harmony singer in several bands, most notably Brave Baby and Elim Bolt. After years in a supporting role, Joyner felt compelled to explore her own vision through her own songwriting, and she followed through and release “Young Fools” earlier this year with help from Brave Baby drummer / producer, Wolfgang Zimmerman.  Words from Grace Joyner on her debut EP – “Young Fools serves to reflect on a difficult, yet incredibly important time in my life.  I think there is something valuable in admitting your mistakes, as well as recognizing the power within you to leave them behind.  Somewhere in the middle of learning that getting hurt does not make you weak, I started the healing process – I started writing music.”

Johnny Delaware

Born and raised on the prairie of South Dakota, Johnny Delaware’s debut album, Secret Wave, takes you from wide-open spaces, through a maze of high rises with harsh deserts and sunburst desolate canyons. It speaks to his well-traveled past across the American landscape, exploring the depths of his experiences through dreamy guitar licks and honest lyrics.  Secret Wave is an expression of Delaware’s full and vibrant sound. No matter how one digests “Secret Wave”, there is an undeniable positive and inspirational feeling underlining the album. Johnny Delaware is unabashedly Johnny Delaware, forever a traveler and a dreamer.



The Tarlatans Album Release w/ Steven Fiore and Volcanoes in the Kitchen
Saturday, August 16, 2014
Doors: 7PM | Show: 8PM
$10 ADV | $15 DOS
Charleston Music Hall

Charleston, SC based Rock-Roots band The Tarlatans will be celebrating the release of their highly anticipated EP “Good Luck” at The Charleston Music Hall with a Rock N Roll show including Charleston favorite Steven Fiore and Volcanoes in The Kitchen Saturday August 16th at 8 PM.

Beginning in February 2014, The Tarlatans recorded with award winning musician, composer, producer, Jay Clifford (Jump, Little Children) for a six-song EP.  The recording features four new songs as well as updated versions of older songs including the regional radio hit, “Been Dreaming.” Clifford was excited to be working with the band stating: “The Tarlatans have a sincerity in their songwriting that puts them in the same class as The Avett Brothers and The Lumineers.”  One of the songs from the record, “Home Sounds Fine To Me,” dramatically changed from demoing, to pre-production, to recording with the humbling addition of live harmonica from Garrett Dutton, aka, G. Love of G. Love and Special Sauce.  G. Love joined the recording process as a guest of the band at the Hello Telescope studio while making a Lowcountry tour stop. The impact of the EP has been immediate with radio play at WCOO in Charleston, WUIN in Wilmington, NC, and WWNU in Columba, SC.  Along with G. Love, the record has been blessed by the likes of Josh Kaler (Slow Runner / Butch Walker), and string work from local heavyweights, Micah Gangwer, Peter Kiral, and Norbert Lewandowski.

Over the past two years The Tarlatans have played every type of venue, bar, and club in the Southeast and always look forward to being in their adopted hometown of Charleston for shows.  Playing The Charleston Pour House with The Wild Feather, The Music Farm with Jars of Clay, and headlining The Windjammer have all been bucket list items for the band, and they are crossing another item off the list by performing their new tunes at The Charleston Music Hall.

Steven Fiore

Steven Fiore picked up his first guitar at age 14 for the same reasons as most fellows that age – to become the next Paul McCartney and to impress girls. However, when many others lost interest, Fiore stayed at it, pulling inspiration from old alien movies, stray cats and children’s stories, creating songs that appeal to the imagination and a sense of nostalgia. Traveling back and forth between Charleston and Boston in his early 20s, Fiore won over fans busking on street corners and crooning in living rooms at house shows. Word of his songwriting talents traveled as he toured with Jay Clifford (of Jump, Little Children), Slow Runner and Howie Day, and he signed to Universal Music Publishing in 2009. Fiore has released four EPs and one full-length album, Youth and Magic.

Volcanoes in the Kitchen

Volcanoes in the Kitchen is a band based out of Charleston, SC, that focuses primarily on the healing and empowering qualities of music.  Music crosses through all cultures and brings strangers together. It’s the ultimate weapon in the war against unhappiness, the vehicle that transports us out of our minds and into the heart of something deeper than our own hearts. It takes us on strolls through city streets, sidewalk cafés, and oceanfront parks; it sails us across foreign seas to ancient mountains and crumbling castles, or can place you in a small living room filled with the warmth of a fire and the loved ones that huddle around it. This is the core of Volcanoes in the Kitchen. They want to take you places.

There are many different fables of the name Volcanoes in the Kitchen: some say it was birthed from the band’s enthusiasm for randomocity and eclecticism, others from the age-old idea of the kitchen as the heart of the home and volcanoes being… well the explosion coming out of the heart. You could even go as far as saying the varied landscapes their music takes you to could range from volcanoes in a foreign land to the kitchen of your own home. The beauty of their name is that it, much like their songs, can be adapted to fit your interpretation.

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