The Best Friend Program

On Sale November 18th at 10 AM                                                                                            cmh_black_t-shirt_proof4-1
Off Sale December 18th at 10 PM Charleston Music Hall | Charleston, SC

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Charleston Music Hall Box Office
37 John St. (Mon – Fri, 10am – 3pm)
Box Office Phone: 843-853-2252The Charleston Music Hall and National Shows 2 are excited to announce The Best Friend Program at The Charleston Music Hall. Originally built as a train station in 1850, The Music Hall once housed a train called The Best Friend. You can actually see a replica of this train at the train museum across the street from The Music Hall. We wanted to offer a special package to folks who truly love seeing live concerts and who love coming to the Music Hall, and we hope you will become a Best Friend of the Charleston Music Hall. If you become a Best Friend, you will get the chance to buy seats in specific sections 24 hours before the general public, and we will also send you a limited edition Best Friend T-Shirt and sticker designed by local designer, Seth Deitch. On top of these great perks, you can consider yourself a promoter of the arts. We have come a long way in the last few years at the Hall, but it is extremely expensive and time consuming to put on the quality and quantity of shows we have been presenting. Your contribution will most certainly help us continue to strive towards our mission: The Charleston Music Hall seeks to set a national standard for ambitious programming, engagement with its audiences, and leadership within the community in which it resides providing a vital artistic resource for the people of Charleston and the region. The Music Hall seeks to build a better conversation and relationship between the artist and the audience and aspires to the highest levels of artistic achievement while also exploring new and exciting territories in artistic vision.How The Best Friend Package Works:Between November 18th at 10 am and December 18th at 10 pm you will have the opportunity to buy one of the Best Friend packages. You will pick from 3 sections, The Front Row Package, The Premium Package, and The Value Package (see below for specific seating). You will then have first right of refusal on seats in these sections for all National Shows 2 shows in the Hall (60 – 80 shows in 2017). When we announce a new show, you will be given a unique code for each show. You will then be able to buy a seat out of your section before the general public and even before venue or artist pre-sale tickets. The Best Friend Program will start for all shows announced after December 18th and will last for one year from that date. 1 Best Friend Package = 1 Seat, but you can buy more than 1 package at a time. Please note: this does not apply for Moranz Entertainment shows including The Charleston Christmas Special, or Charleston Jazz Orchestra shows.

You have three different packages to choose from:

The Front Row Package – $200

Guaranteed front row seats in Section Pit A and Pit B – 22 seats available

The Premium Package – $150

Guaranteed best seats in the house in Sections A, B, C, D, E, G, H, I – 350 seats available

The Value Package – $85

Guaranteed seats before the general public in Sec. C Rear, D Rear, E Rear, H Rear, J – 300 available