Summer of Potter Art Submission


A Harry Potter Themed Art Show


Thank you for your interest in participating in The ​Summer of Potter ​film series being held at the Charleston Music Hall. We will be screening all 8 Harry Potter films this summer, and

we want to run a Potter themed art exhibit in our upstairs gallery to go along with the screenings. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming months as the preparations for this event comes together.

A few memos, as some of you are returning artists from a similar event we did last year. This show should be promoted as ​The Summer of Potter.​ Feel free to use the hashtag in social media as:​ ​#summerofpotterchs ​as we lead into the event as well as at the show opening to get the community excited about this production!

Run wild with the idea – your piece can be anything Harry Potter related! Have Fun! -Charles


May 31st, 2019



Please submit all completed works to the Music Hall on or before this date. Works submitted after this time will not be accepted.

-Drop off and pickup of artwork(s) is the responsibility of the artist. If you are sending in your work by mail and would like to have your work returned to you, please notify us by marking ‘​Yes’​ in space provided on the art submission form located on the following page accordingly.

-For mailed in submissions, please provide return postage in the form of check or money order in the same amount that it cost to have your work shipped to the Music Hall.

-Mailed in submissions may be addressed to:

Charleston Music Hall 37 John Street Charleston, S.C. 29403


All works submitted should be inspired by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. From June 10 – August 5, we will be screening all 8 Potter films. You, as the artist, have free range on how you choose to interpret these films in your art.

-If your work is not on canvas or able to be hung, please have it framed before submitting.


The gallery space of the Music Hall will allow for each artist to submit up to 2 works each. If you plan to submit works larger than 48 square inches please let me know, as this will affect how many artists will be able to be included in the show. If you would like to request submitting anything larger or smaller than what is specified below, please contact: 843-345-6677

-Minimum: 16 x 20 -Max: 48 square inches


To confirm your place in​ The Summer of Potter,​ please text: ​843-345-6677​ or email​ in the following format ​NO LATER​ THAN May 21st​- this is very important! If a message receipt from you is not received, you will ​NOT​ be in the show!!

Please use the following format in your text message:

  • ●  First and Last name:
  • ●  Quantity of submissions:
  • ●  -Dimensions of work(s) :-Which of the four films is work 1 depicted? -General idea of orientation: (landscape/portrait)


Artist Name (PRINT FIRST & LAST):________________________________________________ Title of Work:______________________________________________________________ Medium:_________________________________________________________________ Phone # (include area code):____________________________________________________ Email address:______________________________________________________________

***Please use the indication “NFS” in the field below if you would ​NOT​ like to sell your work*** Asking Price: ____________________________________Today’s Date:_____/_____/_____ For mailed in submissions only​: If artwork(s) is not sold, would you like to have your work returned to you? Circle​:​ ​YES​, please return my work if it is not sold. ​NO​, I would not like my work returned.

*** If yes, please provide return postage in the form of money order or check in U.S. funds (the same amount it cost to have your work shipped to the Hall) and staple it to this form in an envelope.***

Please Note: The Music Hall will retain %10 of sales for any artwork sold in the show. This money goes to help us put on future shows, as well as support our curators.

Please note that The Charleston Music Hall and the organizing staff will not be held responsible for any losses, damages, or thefts that may incur in the time that your work is in the premise of or on display at The Music Hall. Artists are responsible for insuring their own work. Drop off and pick up of art submissions are the sole responsibility of the artist. If works are left unclaimed or without proper funds to return your work to you within 30 days after the breakdown of the show than artwork(s) will be donated.

If you agree to the terms above please sign:
Print name (First/Last):___________________________________Date:____/_____/____ Signature:______________________________________________________________



  • ❏  On or before ​MAY 21st​, participation confirmation text message has been sent to 843-345-6677 or emailed to with the following details:❏ First and Last name
    ❏ Quantity of submissions: ❏ Dimensions for work 1:
  • ❏  Artwork meets submission criteria: ❏ Fits the event theme❏ Size meets min/max (unless curator has been notified otherwise) ❏ Artwork is able to be hung
    ❏ Non-canvas works are framed
  • ❏  Submitting Artwork:
    ❏ Work is submitted on or before ​May 31st​ to the Charleston Music Hall.

    • ❏  One art submission form per artwork being submitted is printed and filledout legibly.
    • ❏  Art submission form attached with artwork. Ensuring not to damage yourwork.
    • ❏  For mail in submissions return postage (money order or check) is includedwith artwork submission and attached to art submission form.


OPENING NIGHT​:​ Monday, June 10, 2019 – 5:00 pm Attire:​ Come dressed as your favorite Potter character. FILM SCHEDULE​:

June 10 – The Sorcerer’s Stone
June 17 – The Chamber of Secrets June 24 – The Prisoner of Azkaban July 1 – The Goblet of Fire
July 8 – The Order of the Phoenix
July 22 – The Half-Blood Prince
July 29 – The Deathly Hallows Part I August 5 – The Deathly Hallows Part II

CLOSING NIGHT – August 5 – 5:30 – 7:00

-Artist social hour – please come celebrate the closing with friends and fun!



Please feel free to get in touch with any additional questions that may arise in regards to this event. I typed out this guideline as best I could, so if you feel like I left something out or if there is confusion about any of the information provided shoot me a message and I’ll fill you in.

Charles Carmody
Email: Phone: 843-345-6677